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So, some may wonder "where did he go?!". Some may think "Who the hey are you?!". Some may question "Is it really worth eating an entire can of beans?!"

Well, these questions may be answered.

I have been on hiatus from game dev as my previous start up companies fell through. It made it hard to keep up the fire, as I had to make something called money to do a fun activity called eating. So for one, Tronica made it to a one level demo phase which was an undertaking in of itself as I tend to always make an engine from scratch (with editing components using the Flash IDE as a backbone). Sadly, the game never came to be, nor will it come to be as I ran out of time for the project, and we couldn't make it 'fun' enough to be a worthy game submission.


I have started my new retro gaming engine with project title "Eminate" (mn8). I have also started working completely solo and I'm taking my dear sweet time since I am married. However, I am consistent with development.


You can enjoy that entire can of beans. You shall benefit from TUMS. Your flatulance stat shall rise by at least +15.


There is going to be a game coming truly from my inner being, totally unrelated to N-Tech (tbh, I never really liked the games myself...it was just a quirky idea and I was learning how to make games). I have departed and trained rigorously under strenuous and vastly intelligent individuals who have beaten me into coding submission. I have been broken down several times and renewed to something spectacular.


Since I am the sole force for this dream project, the fire shall not die as my very soul would have to wither to make it fade. This project will produce a glorious iOS game of two dimensional proportions that will sing a song of hope, determination, and purpose. I may not have much time for this, but I can and I will make it happen.

The engine is around 40% complete. It's faculties are already rich and versatile. Content development times are being reduced to near nothingness. I shall emerge victorious. I shall give you a game you can truly enjoy, and it shall be made completely within it's own engine.


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