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Posted by Diniden - March 17th, 2015

So, some may wonder "where did he go?!". Some may think "Who the hey are you?!". Some may question "Is it really worth eating an entire can of beans?!"

Well, these questions may be answered.

I have been on hiatus from game dev as my previous start up companies fell through. It made it hard to keep up the fire, as I had to make something called money to do a fun activity called eating. So for one, Tronica made it to a one level demo phase which was an undertaking in of itself as I tend to always make an engine from scratch (with editing components using the Flash IDE as a backbone). Sadly, the game never came to be, nor will it come to be as I ran out of time for the project, and we couldn't make it 'fun' enough to be a worthy game submission.


I have started my new retro gaming engine with project title "Eminate" (mn8). I have also started working completely solo and I'm taking my dear sweet time since I am married. However, I am consistent with development.


You can enjoy that entire can of beans. You shall benefit from TUMS. Your flatulance stat shall rise by at least +15.


There is going to be a game coming truly from my inner being, totally unrelated to N-Tech (tbh, I never really liked the games myself...it was just a quirky idea and I was learning how to make games). I have departed and trained rigorously under strenuous and vastly intelligent individuals who have beaten me into coding submission. I have been broken down several times and renewed to something spectacular.


Since I am the sole force for this dream project, the fire shall not die as my very soul would have to wither to make it fade. This project will produce a glorious iOS game of two dimensional proportions that will sing a song of hope, determination, and purpose. I may not have much time for this, but I can and I will make it happen.

The engine is around 40% complete. It's faculties are already rich and versatile. Content development times are being reduced to near nothingness. I shall emerge victorious. I shall give you a game you can truly enjoy, and it shall be made completely within it's own engine.


Posted by Diniden - November 28th, 2011

Hello all! Just submitted a game to IGF!

It's a mobile platform touch screen based game. You'll recognize it's style immediately as being a remake of NTech! The game has gone through some intense design process changes, many of which were based off of the feedback everyone gave for Ntech and NTech: Battlegrounds.

The name change is due to the musical nature added into the gameplay. It's already a phenomenal experience to play on a touch screen and we're looking forward to releasing it to the app store in the next few months!

You'll be happy to know, it's still being designed in flash and ported almost directly to the iPhone!

For now if you follow this link to the igf submission you can preview some gameplay!

http://www.igf.com/php-bin/entry2012.p hp?id=578


Posted by Diniden - October 5th, 2009

Well very sorry for not updating or bringing anything new to the flash community. Lately I have been commissioned to design for the XBOX LIVE arcade. So, my flash design is kind of at a temporary halt.

I'll update details on the XBOX game though and let you all know when the release date is due etc. We're working on the demo version right now. It's looking and playing great so far though!!

Posted by Diniden - April 10th, 2009

Look forward to my new developing game. Totally a solo project, so expect some very different art style from Battlegrounds : )

Game will be of an rpg/fighter genre. Will be a series. Contains a very compelling story of an individual wrapped in mystery in a strange end of humanity scenario.

I'm really stoked about this project. It will definitely capture your attention.

Keep an eye out here for some art demos etc on the latest developments. Currently, I am finishing off the motion engine of the object (horrifyingly tedious for a cell based plot...trying to keep many options available for what I create). You'll also continue to see songs being uploaded by me which will be used in the game as well. I'll also be redoing the songs I already uploaded with better sampling in the future.

Thanks for supporting my submissions that roll around here! If you're a programmer yourself keep an eye on my web site as well. I have some useful tools and Actionscript moving through there. It's still largely under construction, but some interesting things are uploaded already.

Again thank you everyone for your support!

Posted by Diniden - March 8th, 2009

Well, I am now doing multiple simultaneous projects while struggling to keep my gpa up :P

One project is another collab with squeakytoad, which should be something special yet again. A combination of great art work with innovative programming of the gameplay.

My other project is a solo project, of which I am very excited to release. It's going to be a series with a compelling story, intense battle sequences, and great effects. I'm using new programming techniques to generate effects that would take animators a very considerable time to pull off. It will be a definite must play game when it's complete.

In the mean time, you will be seeing smaller submissions by me which are slight foreshadowings of the solo project i'm working on. The latest song I submitted is one of those. You'll be hearing it probably while engaging in a boss sequence of the game.

Well, just letting you know I'm working and working and working....and....occasionally sleeping! Look forward to my next submissions!

Posted by Diniden - October 9th, 2008

Quite a few people wanted one, so I made a sequel to N-Tech. Mind you, this one is in an entire different league from the first NTech.

I teamed up with a fairly known animator squeakytoad who has submitted several projects here in the past and has received high rankings and awards amongst his submissions. Together, we designed eye and mind candy for you to delight in. Check out my submissions and play it now!

I hope you enjoy it! I spent plenty of time pouring concepts and many years of programming experience to make this game the best quality for the player. If you get into it, I promise you, you will not be bored staying alive and getting a highscore!