Id's End

2009-04-10 02:38:35 by Diniden

Look forward to my new developing game. Totally a solo project, so expect some very different art style from Battlegrounds : )

Game will be of an rpg/fighter genre. Will be a series. Contains a very compelling story of an individual wrapped in mystery in a strange end of humanity scenario.

I'm really stoked about this project. It will definitely capture your attention.

Keep an eye out here for some art demos etc on the latest developments. Currently, I am finishing off the motion engine of the object (horrifyingly tedious for a cell based plot...trying to keep many options available for what I create). You'll also continue to see songs being uploaded by me which will be used in the game as well. I'll also be redoing the songs I already uploaded with better sampling in the future.

Thanks for supporting my submissions that roll around here! If you're a programmer yourself keep an eye on my web site as well. I have some useful tools and Actionscript moving through there. It's still largely under construction, but some interesting things are uploaded already.

Again thank you everyone for your support!


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2009-04-10 09:47:15

Neat, I'm looking forward to cook up. Oh, btw, I have some time this weekend, so I'm going to set aside a load of hours for putting together stuff for Glare.

Diniden responds:

awesome : ) I'll keep my eye on the google group for it.


2009-04-11 17:52:25

I'll be watching attentively.


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