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If I'm not mistaken

You already posted this exact runner dude sequence before. The only difference was some text and an intro....If this isn't a repost, then I highly suggest you work up some variety because otherwise I'm going to keep thinking it's the same thing.

It's alright animation. The figure is a bit rigid. I suggest going over some running tutorials and mimicking the motions to help you better understand fluidity in the characters movements.


Totally agree on this one...CS4 was most definitely full of stupidity. Ever since Adobe took over flash, the UI has been going down into the abyss of adobes amazing ability to make the worse UI's ever. Adobe can make incredible stuff, but they can't wrap their heads around the simple idea of KISS.

And have you noticed if you do 3D rotations on sub clips then rotate the parent clip it reeeeeaally doesn't behave how you'd expect it?

Anywho, good animation : ) I enjoyed it.

TehCybernerd responds:

yes, i did notice the whole rotations thing. thanks for teh review... and yeah, CS4 is essentially flash 8 with some extra crap added.

my guess

Is you gave up this project and decided to not finish. Or you needed some glorification to continue?

You should continue the well animated part and finish the song and not try to win out on the ADD randomness nations support. It really means something to finish a full project and is far more inspirational : )

I'll say the part that had effort in it was actually decent.

tankbuster781 responds:

You know too much, I am sorry but you must be executed.

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Good Game

Enjoyed it a lot : ]

Not much to improve on as far as a two man team goes.

I was disappointed in the lack of reward for getting all the antidotes. The font at the end was also out of place and didn't match.

Add some jumping next game and you'll have some crrrrazy chaos going on :P

Keep up the good work ^^

Got some issues

Interesting idea, but has some bugs.

I was caught with nothing but consonants falling, making it impossible to spell anything. Rather than random letters falling, you should be generating the falling letters with a word to be spelled with them in mind at least.

You didn't debug it in different browsers

Buggy. Way too buggy. You still need to debug this before you post it. I'd say this was an alpha version it's so buggy (as a matter of fact I got it to run ONCE out of ten times)

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Listened to it a couple years ago and listened to it again just now. Still love it :)


To the guy who stated it's a final fantasy feel: It would actually fit closer to the feel of Secret of Mana (snes)...I know, same company but they definitely had a distinct different stylization...I would go into detail but shoot, it's not important enough.

Any rate: good song. Try to sample it at higher quality. In my exceptional headphones the sounds are lacking fullness. Make sure the bass frequencies are sampled heavily (may be a little excessively) before releasing out the recording as some systems can't render the bass well enough (ie- when listening to the song on your sound system you may have had bass already boosted etc thus masking how it would sound for those who lack such systems) Just a thought :P

Funkypotat0 responds:

Thank you for the comment, I really mean that.

And thank you for the advice too but... I'm afraid I haven't the foggiest idea how to go about doing any of those tips you gave me. I'm sure it would make for a better piece in general, however I'm rather clueless as to the intricacies of sound in its more complex forms. If you could enlighten me a little bit, I would gladly change it up so you could hear it even better in those spiffy headphones of yours. :D

A little bit of this...a little bit of that...

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