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bouncemonkey bouncemonkey

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Listened to it a couple years ago and listened to it again just now. Still love it :)

~FP~ Idyllia - Dawn ~FP~ Idyllia - Dawn

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To the guy who stated it's a final fantasy feel: It would actually fit closer to the feel of Secret of Mana (snes)...I know, same company but they definitely had a distinct different stylization...I would go into detail but shoot, it's not important enough.

Any rate: good song. Try to sample it at higher quality. In my exceptional headphones the sounds are lacking fullness. Make sure the bass frequencies are sampled heavily (may be a little excessively) before releasing out the recording as some systems can't render the bass well enough (ie- when listening to the song on your sound system you may have had bass already boosted etc thus masking how it would sound for those who lack such systems) Just a thought :P

Funkypotat0 responds:

Thank you for the comment, I really mean that.

And thank you for the advice too but... I'm afraid I haven't the foggiest idea how to go about doing any of those tips you gave me. I'm sure it would make for a better piece in general, however I'm rather clueless as to the intricacies of sound in its more complex forms. If you could enlighten me a little bit, I would gladly change it up so you could hear it even better in those spiffy headphones of yours. :D