2011-11-28 13:32:57 by Diniden

Hello all! Just submitted a game to IGF!

It's a mobile platform touch screen based game. You'll recognize it's style immediately as being a remake of NTech! The game has gone through some intense design process changes, many of which were based off of the feedback everyone gave for Ntech and NTech: Battlegrounds.

The name change is due to the musical nature added into the gameplay. It's already a phenomenal experience to play on a touch screen and we're looking forward to releasing it to the app store in the next few months!

You'll be happy to know, it's still being designed in flash and ported almost directly to the iPhone!

For now if you follow this link to the igf submission you can preview some gameplay! hp?id=578



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2012-01-16 17:01:06

Did you get my track?
Would It be possible to upload a demo of the level it is used in?


2013-02-13 12:53:47

what antiskill sed! did you use my track?