Current Workings

2009-03-08 21:49:35 by Diniden

Well, I am now doing multiple simultaneous projects while struggling to keep my gpa up :P

One project is another collab with squeakytoad, which should be something special yet again. A combination of great art work with innovative programming of the gameplay.

My other project is a solo project, of which I am very excited to release. It's going to be a series with a compelling story, intense battle sequences, and great effects. I'm using new programming techniques to generate effects that would take animators a very considerable time to pull off. It will be a definite must play game when it's complete.

In the mean time, you will be seeing smaller submissions by me which are slight foreshadowings of the solo project i'm working on. The latest song I submitted is one of those. You'll be hearing it probably while engaging in a boss sequence of the game.

Well, just letting you know I'm working and working and working....and....occasionally sleeping! Look forward to my next submissions!


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2009-03-09 04:08:31

I am a director/writer with a lot of ideas, but I am not an animator. I have an idea for a series on Newgrounds if you're interested and I think it will prove very popular if all the elements come together as I have planned for.

What's your forte? What kind of themes do you like? My idea is based around comedy.

Diniden responds:

Sorry I didn't notice this post for such a long while (not used to people actually posting on my profile :P)

My theme would be "Awesomeness" is the best way I can put it XD. Comedy is really not my style, but I enjoy doing things that get the user hyped up in their gameplay. For instance, I was really specific about making elements in N-Tech Battlegrounds sound synced like when the first onslaught of enemies busts in.

As my forte I am a programmer. I can animate but don't have the patience for it. I also do animated programming (special effects etc).

As far as being a director/writer there are a lot of those available. So if you have ideas, they'd have to really stand out especially if you're not going to contribute to the project directly through programming/animating. It's hard, especially for someone like me, who already has a repertoire of well cultivated ideas in their head to be inspired to compose someone elses idea that would require all the work to be completed through themself.